Welcome to Becoming Brooke! Thank you so much for taking the time to be here. My name is Tara Mallory. I am Brooke’s mom and YES that’s me in the video above. I am passionate about A LOT of things; homeopathic health, breast cancer awareness, dance and art, but NOTHING comes close to the passion I feel about seeing my girl realize her fullest potential in the face of Autism.
This campaign is about funding the IVIG (blood plasma) treatments that Brooke needs to help reset her immune system from the damaging neurological disorders sometimes associated with Autism. We are already seeing some awesome results and need YOUR help to keep it going as the treatments are very costly ($4000 per treatment) and NOT covered by insurance.
By contributing to Becoming Brooke you will not only be saving a young girl, but you will help her to realize and express her dreams making her an active and giving contributor to the world.